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My name is John. I hired THHS for my wife two years ago and I was very satisfied with the service provided. My wife was recovering from a knee surgery and the staff from THHS did their best to make the recovery as painless as possible. They always made sure she was comfortable and had her required exercise. I went ahead and hired a companion from THHS to spend a few hours every day with my mom who is 86 years old. I'm very glad I chose THHS to take care of my loved ones.

My name is Beverly and a few months ago my mom was in the hospital. I was physically exhausted of staying with her at the hospital every single day, all day long. One night the exhaustion got to me and I decided to call for help. I called a lot of placement agencies and left voice mails. But Total Home & Health Care Services was the only agency where a live customer service representative answered my call in the middle of the night. Within 45 minutes I had a PSW over at the hospital and I was able to go home and rest. I was amazed and grateful for their efficiency.

My mom was 90 years old and bedridden. She was living in a nursing home. After getting a recommendation from my friend Beverly, I contacted Total Home & Health Care Services to arrange a PSW who can spend nights with my mom. Not only did the PSW take good care of my mom, but when my mom's health started severely deteriorating she was kind enough to give me a call and inform me that it would be better if I come over and spend as much time as I can with my mom. I would forever be grateful to the PSW for informing me and thus giving me a chance to spend time with my mom in her last days and a chance to say my good-byes. Thank you THHS for treating us like family. I will always recommend you to anyone I meet, who is in need.


I am a 24-year-old technician and my name is Norma. Couple of years ago my grandma got very sick, and since then I was struggling to juggle my work, my home and the responsibility of taking care of my grandma. There came a time when I felt I had no more strength or time left to do everything on my own. That's when my neighbour mentioned their positive experience with Total Home & Health Care Services. When I got in touch with them, the case manager was considerate enough to realize shortage of time on my end and paid a visit to us at our home. She was also able to arrange for a caregiver right away keeping in mind my grandma's needs and wishes. I am truly thankful for their services and very pleased. And so is my grandma.

Hi, I'm Matthew; two months ago, my mom got very sick. My dad and I were taking turns staying with her continuously. But between both our jobs and taking care of the house and my other siblings, it was becoming increasingly difficult for us to give mom our complete attention. That's when one of my acquaintances recommended Total Home & Health Care Services and assured me that this agency would be able to help me. I called THHS and I discussed with them my mom's situation and they were very flexible with the shift hours and were also able to design a care package keeping my mom's need and our budget in mind.

My Aunt Dorothy lives in Toronto by herself. Because I live away from Toronto, it was very hard for me to commute every other day to take her to her medical appointments and other desired trips. My friend Jack recommended Total Home & Health Care Services. Jack said THHS had been a huge help with his dad. I hired them to arrange a caregiver/helper for my aunt. I found that the staff was extremely punctual, helpful and patient with all of my aunt's needs. I also noticed that they were able to help out my aunt even if I gave them last-minute notices. Thank you for the assistance Total Home & Health Care Services and thank you for shouldering some of my responsibility with me.

- Tom

My name is Lian and I am a client of Total Home & Health Care. I have been extremely pleased with the service I received when I had my knee replacement surgery last year. They provided home care while I was rehabilitating. I was very impressed with Teresa (the manager) and her staff's dedication and professionalism. I highly recommend this service.

Thank you,
Lian Kardassopoulos

To: Teresa & the staff at Total Home & Health Care:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all of your help. I have two parents that are both physically challenged and need a tremendous amount of help. With the help from Total Home & Health Care it is possible for me to have both my parents come out of their nursing home on family outings because I know that the nurses are highly qualified, and that my parents are looked after properly. To Teresa and the staff I want to thank you very much for the exceptional service that you provide. I would recommend you to all my friends and family. You have always helped me in my time of need.

Thank you
Toula Natsias

Hi, my name is Catrina and I want to thank Teresa, the case manager and her wonderful dedicated staff at Total Home & Health Care Services. Months ago I was in a terrible car accident which left me unable to do anything on my own. Friends and family tried to help out but what I required was professional care. The nurses and caregivers at Total Home & Health Care Services are not only devoted, caring and compassionate but they go above the beyond the call of duty.

They helped to mend my broken bones and lifted my spirits. In spite of the pain I was enduring, they put a smile on my face and helped me through those hard times.

Again from the bottom of my heart I thank you all for getting me through these painful and traumatic times.



We have won silver in the 2009 Town Crier Best in Town Awards for home senior care.

We have won silver in the 2009 Town Crier Best in Town Awards for home senior care.