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Nursing and nursing services

Our highly skilled registered nurses provide quality care for your loved ones in the comfort of their own homes or care facilities. Some of the services our nurses offer include:

Our nurses build a partnership with clients based on the client's input into creating an effective health-care plan and maintaining their home-care choices and nursing service. A primary nurse will develop familiarity with the client, gain an understanding of his or her health-care needs and be able to better anticipate potential risks and complications that may arise. The primary nurse will also ensure our home-care services are consistently delivered, in the event a secondary nurse is required to ensure continuing high-quality health care and comfort.

We know how important it is to detect illness at the earliest and most treatable states and address risks before they can cause further complications. Our registered nurses and registered practical nurses will deliver a comprehensive assessment of the health condition of you or your loved one. They are also able to provide an objective evaluation of the results achieved, giving you a detailed look at the progress of your healthcare.

A registered nurse can help to ease the stress of administering medication, responding to unforeseen complications and performing involved or complex medical treatments. All of our nurses have access to health promotion strategies and disease prevention educational tools as resources for our clients' continuing clinical treatment plan.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Foot care

photo of two hands massaging a Foot It's important to "put your best foot forward."

Monitoring foot health while providing our foot care services can provide us with an early warning sign of any more serious health conditions. Symptoms such as joint stiffness, tingling, numbness or swelling could be indications of conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Our registered nurses and registered practical nurses provide clients with awareness of the various risk factors for foot and nail conditions and disease, along with the support and information they need to take responsibility for the health of their feet.

Our foot-care services include: