Pre-surgical and post-surgical care

Hospital stay support

Our in-hospital support services include:

  • Personalized care and support
  • Assistance with discharge
  • Accompaniment going home

Post-surgery and wound care

Our registered nurses and registered practical nurses are dedicated to caring for, and helping to prevent, wounds, whether you are recovering from a surgical procedure, have experienced a serious fall, or are at high risk of wounding yourself. Our nurses understand the range of medical needs of those who require wound care, alongside the home and personal care our clients can rely on receiving from our certified personal support workers.

Our post-surgery/wound care services include medication administration by registered nursing staff, monitoring pain management, assessing the need for specialized wound and ostomy care by specialized nurses (enterostomal therapists) and assisting with daily living activities including personal hygiene, meal preparation, laundry, running errands, dressing and escorting to appointments.

We will help you and your loved one to make healthy choices on a continual and individualized basis. Here are some wound care tips to follow:

  • Antibiotic cream: Use an antibiotic cream or ointment to treat cuts and scrapes with a doctor's prescription. After applying, cover the wound with sterile dressings.
  • Medicated powders: Apply talcum powder to areas of the body where moisture is likely to develop. Focus on areas where skin touches skin, such as armpits and groin area.
  • Dressings and tape: A proper wound care kit should include a non-adherent wound contact layer, sterile dressings, and surgical or retention tape.
  • Skin closure strips: Use these sterile strips to keep wounds closed and aid your skin in healing. Look for a porous material with hypoallergenic adhesive for optimal skin health.

Here are some wound prevention tips to follow:

  • Run a humidifier in your home during the dry months of winter and moisturize your skin to prevent chapping in cold, windy weather.
  • Wear wide, flat shoes that fit well.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers, bubble bath and feminine sprays, especially if you have dry skin.
  • Do not scratch dry, itchy skin, which may cause the skin to break open and get infected.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us anytime and a live person will answer.